Gladys Magazine Reader’s Choice Award Winners Announced

Gladys Magazine 2018 LOVE Issue! AVAILABLE NOW NATIONWIDE! Barnes & Noble and other book stores & newsstands locations! RETRO & BEYOND, Fashion through the Decades! "I praise and thank God for another feature. Blessings to be included in the Reader's Choice Award No. 1 Fashion Designer!" Thank you Gladys Magazine and to all the readers, thank you for your trust and continued support. May God Bless you all! - Joyce Penas Pilarsky Place your print or digital order on their web site NOW at or go grab your copy at your nearest book store or newsstand!

Credits: Fashion and Jewelry Designer: Joyce Penas Pilarsky Models:

Sammie Anne Legaspi Paul Guarnes Sol Penas Joyce Penas Pilarsky


John Guarnes Photographer:

Bench Bello

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