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London Fashion Week 2019

Joyce Peñas Pilarsky finally revealed her new collection during this year’s Britain’s Top Designer competition in London, U.K., on February 16, 2019.



Joyce Peñas Pilarsky brings home the triumph as the 1st runner up in the said competition. Her triumph is just like the victory of the return of the Balangiga Bells to the Philippines after it was taken by the Americans as war booty during the Philippine-American War of 1901. The bells originated from the town of Balangiga in the province of Eastern Samar.


According to Joyce, the secret of winning and capturing the top industry judges is simply by her hard work and dedication to her craft. Together with her extensive imagination and a keen eye for details and designs that are individually handcrafted by her. She believes that the most beautiful gown is a product of hard work, patience, diligence and burning passion for loving what you do.


-“I praise and thank God for winning today! I would like to thank my family and friends and everybody for the love and support and prayers for me!”


-“Thank you thank you so much for the wonderful judges And I dedicate this to those people who believed in me. And continued to support me Thank you thank you for the applause of the sweet audience! I am so overwhelmed by your response to my work!”



-“Thank you so much! Indeed when you do your best! God will take care of the rest , and never give up on your dreams because dreams really do come true! To God be the glory!”


Her choice of Filipino materials, appliques, and embroidered fabrics create this stunning and award-winning ensemble that captures the international runway spotlight.


Joyce is one of the finalists who competed against eight exemplary fashion designers from different parts of the world. They have been judged by top industry personalities such as head judge Bernard Connolly - celebrity stylist, Nicky Johnston celebrity photographer & judge on Britain's Next Top Model, Lola Royal - Stylist & fashion presenter and Nicky Hambleton-Jones Stylist, consultant, TV Presenter.